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RMA Request

This form will allow you to submit a Return Merchandise Authorization request.

How to register

Please note that the place of purchase for registered products must be from North or South America.

If any returned product is determined to be not defective and does not require repair, ZOTAC reserves the right to bill for all shipping, handling, and processing costs for the return of the non-defective product.

Please provide as much detail as possible in the Description box regarding the situation with your ZOTAC product, including any relevant technical details such as computer system information. Also, please note that you must register the product you wish to RMA before you may begin.

  • In order to request an RMA, you must:
  • Register your product
  • Review our warranty policy
  • Have contacted the vendor you purchased your product from in regards to product replacement.
Request Your RMA
  • RMA Policies:
  • If your product model is not available, it will be replaced with one of equal or greater value.
  • All aftermarket modifications must be reversed prior to sending in the product for repair or replacement.
  • There must be NO physical damage to the PCB, GPU/chipset, or other components caused by improper installation, damage during modification of any kind, damage during any type of aftermarket cooling installation, and/or water damage of any kind.